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Our Expertise


We've worked in the franchise industry for a lot of years, so we have a pretty broad understanding of the issues that face any franchise - big or small, local or international.


We are known internationally for these key services:

Franchise your Business

This is what we are best known for. We have over 20 years of experience in helping businesses to grow through franchising and can work alongside you to get your business from where it is now to being in a position to sign your first franchisee. We have a tried and tested 13 step approach to franchising your business and will assist with each and every step.

International Franchising

The global marketplace is huge, why limit yourself to one small part? There are an ever-increasing number of businesses that are turning to franchising for overseas expansion.  International Franchisors fall into two categories:

       Existing franchise businesses who want to continue to grow internationally; and

       Businesses who do not franchise at home but want to partner with a third party for overseas growth.


We help clients in both categories to develop an international franchising strategy, advising on the right international model, researching target markets and making connections with our network of international franchise experts.


Franchise Financials

Our Managing Consultant, Euan Fraser, is a Chartered Accountant and despite transitioning into franchise consultancy he has never managed to get over his love of a good spreadsheet. Given his expertise, Euan is well placed to assist with financial modelling for franchise systems and preparing franchise projections for inclusion in business plans for both franchisors setting up franchise systems, and franchisees wanting to invest in a franchise.

Operations Manuals

You know your business better than we ever will, but we know franchising and what a good Operations Manual looks like. We work with clients to help create  bespoke Operations Manuals either from scratch, or to improve on whatever policies and procedures are currently in place.


We have prepared Operations Manuals for a huge variety of clients from dog groomers and glass recycling collection businesses right through to international retailers like Nike, Ralph Lauren and New Look.


Legal Documentation

OK, we’re not lawyers, but we know some good ones and can prepare a “legal brief” to provide to your appointed legal advisors which should help you save on time and costs when drafting the all-important franchise agreement.


Non-Executive Franchise Director

Often we are asked to take up a wider role within our clients’ organisations to provide more hands-on support on the implementation of the franchise model and to provide ongoing guidance on franchise operations, continued development of the Ops Manual, advice on franchisee recruitment and all important assessment of franchisee candidates. We can fulfil the roll of ‘Franchise Advisor’ within your organisation and help train your in-house team or executives on ‘how to be a good franchisor’.


Franchise Healthcheck

Is your existing Franchise System not making as much as it should? Is the network not performing properly? If so, it’s time for you to consider a Franchise Healthcheck.


Sometimes businesses start franchising on an informal basis, other times they take bad advice! We’re sure that all franchised businesses would benefit from our healthcheck service. We spend 2-3 days with our healthcheck clients exploring their existing operations and advising on where and how improvements can be made.



Franchise Partner

One of our brand values is a commitment to get involved in your business. We like to say ‘we should do this’ rather than ‘you should do this’.

Therefore, we offer our services on an ongoing retainer basis to bounce ideas off and keep you going on the right franchising track.

We like to keep in touch with all our former clients and share their franchising success stories. We organise quarterly get togethers for our former and existing clients where they can discuss franchising matters and exchange ideas.


Any Question Answered

Whatever stage you are at in franchising, from never having heard of the term right up to the owner of McDonalds, we are happy to answer any questions you have about franchising. Simply send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

We are always delighted to chat to people about franchising, so please get in touch no matter how unimportant you think your question may be! 

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