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How we Work


We work smart! We plan ahead and set all the meeting dates for the project – but we’re flexible, so if you’d prefer to be somewhere else we’ll live with that – but give us notice! 

We don’t like wasting time; yours or our own so you’ll find us sending you briefing documents before we meet explaining the background to what we’re about to discuss. After each meeting we’ll send you copies of the documents we’ve developed for you to think about and revise...then we’ll move on to the next stage.

We’re organised – it’s a thirteen stage process we’ll take you through. The content of each stage changes with each client but the process doesn’t.

About AMO

We’re small and we’ll stay that way - small means we can react quickly to your needs and deliver a personal service. When you become a client you’ll deal directly with a decision maker.

We take responsibility – there’s no corporate structure to hide behind. We meet our deadlines – that way we keep you happy!

We value honesty and truthfulness – if your franchise isn’t going to work we’ll tell you – up front.

We enjoy what we do – we’re good at it and work hard, but we have fun. A client gave us a great compliment recently; “you’re not really consultants, you’re friends”

Euan Fraser
Managing Consultant

Euan started out as an earnest and serious young Chartered Accountant – even setting exams for the Institute of Chartered Accountants. A long time ago he realised that accountancy was no job for a grown man and left the profession to work full time advising companies on how to grow their business through franchising.

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